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We are ready to finance your project with our below terms and conditions. Your project will be funded at 3.5% fixed interest rate, within a 1year to 10years repayment period. Loan amount from $250k to $500mil and with our company working policies which will include presenting the below listed documents when required for sighting/vetting and also for due diligence investigation. Our loan processing moves from one stage to the other before approval and subsequently signing of the loan contract document at closing/approved loan transfer.


Territory that we can’t approval with this process: Africa, India, Iran, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh


Business Plan
Certificate of Incorporation
Proof of Income (Bank Statement with 3 months cash flow)
Evidence of Tax Clearance (optional)
Business or Personal Credit Report (optional)
Government Approval Backing Documents (For Projects that Required Government Approval)
Passport Copy


1. Development projects are in line with their qualification level; with business license/approvals
2. The actual function of developed projects should be consistent with planning purposes, can effectively meet the needs of the local housing market and have good market rental and sale prospects;
3. Sound business management institutions, qualified leadership and strict operating management system;
4. Good operational, financial and credit status, and the ability to repay loan principal and interest;
5. Ability to implement the way of security acceptable by our Organization;
6. Having a valid bank account.

1. Application /Presentation of Business Plan or Executive Summary
2. Repayment Calculation
3. Board Section/Term Sheet Negotiation
4. Desktop Due Diligence/Security Analysis
5. Loan Contract Document Signing/Legal Registration
6. Transfer of Funds


Presentation of Business Plans or Executive Summary and filled Application Form:

For every application, the first stage is the presentation of Business Plan.  Applicant is required to make available their Business Plan for review and filled Application Form; this Business Plan is giving to our team of experts which consists of professionals in the different business sector. This professional run a real analysis on the plan and advise us if the project is profitable to us, if the location is suitable for investment, if the business idea is viable and in a nutshell to tell us if we can finance or not. If this process receives a GO-AHEAD from the team.
Repayment Calculations
This stage a Repayment Schedule is prepared and sent to client for signing. This repayment schedule contains, the Loan Amount, the Grace Period giving for the loan, The duration of loan, the monthly or yearly repayment required, the total cumulative amount and the total interest for the loan.
Due Diligence/Security or Collateral Analysis
During this stage we run a background check on the company to ascertain is existence, credibility, non-indulgence in fraud deals, acceptability in the country and feasibility as to the profit nature of the business. Securities provided are analyzed to ensure their existence, equality to the loan amount and acceptability by us.  Business Loans are secured by collateral, which is property in which a security interest is granted to secure repayment of the loan. The loan collateral may include business assets, stocks, bonds, certificates of deposits/bank statement or personal assets. Consider:
(1) the value of the loan collateral must be 50% to the amount of the loan for projects within the United States
(2) expected economic life of the collateral will be considered by the Lender in evaluating the collateral offered for the loan
(3) formal collateral appraisals may be required
(4) a pledge of personal assets may be required as additional collateral for the business loan requested
(5) or Lender might consider securing the loan with said project to be invested on ( for projects with good ROI without collateral backing ).
Board Section/Letter of Intent
After receiving your Business Plan, means of identification, filled loan application form and signed repayment loan schedule, a board meeting is held to discuss their views on the project. It is during this meeting that a formal decision is made on whether we can finance the project or not.  After this meeting a Letter of Intent is issued in favor of applicant. This Letter forms the rough basis for which the Loan will be given.  Applicant is expected to accept Letter of Intent by signing the document and sending a copy to us together with Company Registration documents (which are Certificate of Incorporation, Trade License and Tax Clearance Certificates), Identification (Passport Copies or Driver’s License), and copy(ies) Collateral Backing Documents.
Contract Signing
This stage, the Loan Contract Document is drafted by our Attorney to govern the finance contract and inline with signed letter of intent. Strict adherence to the terms of the contract stated on the agreement is required by client and the Loan Contract Document will be registered with the Federal High Court of Justice or Customary Court.
Transfer of Funds
This is the concluding stage of the process, we instruct our Bank to deposit the Loan Amount to clients designated Bank Account after signing of the Loan Contract Document and registration. In some cases, personal identification is required during closure.  The time frame for financing corporate bodies varies from firm to firm depending on the size of project(s), finance involved and location. The expected time to conclude all the following steps usually do not exceed a period of 21 days from when borrower submitted the application documents.


Administrative cost: 1% of face value of the loan, Success fee: 3% of face value of the loan for the loan from $10mil up, 4% of face value of the loan for the loan from $250,000 to under $10mil, all will be deducted from the loan. The only Attorney backup fee that client have to pay when received the Loan Term sheet before signing the Loan Agreement. Attorney backup fee is to cover drafting of the contract document, registration and notary signature.


The Attorney backup fee for $150mil loan is $14,750

The Attorney backup fee for $70mil loan is $9,990

The Attorney backup fee for $2mil loan is $9,350

The Attorney backup fee for $1mil loan is $8,980


If the lender does not approve the loan or approves the Loan on terms which materially deviate from the summary terms and such materially different terms are not acceptable to the Borrower, then the Lender have to refund The Attorney backup fee to the Borrower.


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